Tooth Bleaching Dental Treatments 2024

Tooth Whitening, Teeth Bleaching and same-day Whiter Teeth using Lights, Lazers, Trays, strips etc.

Please read below for our many options for SAFE Tooth Whitening, Tooth Bleaching and Laser Teeth Whitening ; toothwhitening treatment truths & past legal changes that still apply from as far back as 1st Nov. 2012, so you get safe options from safe dental professionals - Dr.Kilcoyne himself who is a highly regarded Clinician and Dentistry Teacher in the UK and can coordinate your Whitening treatments optimally, especially with other whitening cosmetic needs in the rest of your mouth, to avoid common whitening errors or even permanent gum damage by ignorant amateurs too.  

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BEWARE ILLEGAL TOOTH-WHITENING by Non-Dental Professionals or CHEAP ABROAD options, it may cost you dearly.
PLEASE don't risk your health just to save some £££, because your well being isn't disposable.....

You can "REALLY" have whiter teeth SAFELY in only 1 Hour with Dr.Tony Kilcoyne - For only £895 £695 Special offer, (plus a £199 £99 Consultation fee incl. Covid19 screening) you could have a whitened Smile TWICE as bright, the same day, from us NOW.

Tooth Whitening same-day results using Dr.Kilcoyne's Expertise!
For 2024, can you plan the time to get that NEW Whiter Smile from Dr.Kilcoyne himself ?
Whiter teeth, in just 1 visit, using the BEST tooth whitening techniques available, from someone with a GREAT Track record too!

WARNING - If Tooth Whitening is done by a Dental Care Professional  Dental (Nurse/Hygienist/Technician etc.) who has NOT yet received Competency Training and Certification, it could harm you OR make your smile worse OR Clash cosmetically with other Dental work etc. The GDC is very clear about Additional Duties for DCPs - they need to be COMPETENT and prove their competency!

EXTRA WARNING - the significant additional law EU Cosmetics Directive approved by the EU in 2011 and enacted in the UK on 1st Nov.2012 and still valid today, confirms it is a criminal act for anyone but a registered Dental Professional to examine and prescribe Tooth Whitening treatments, because it is Dentistry and there are safety issues!

Read what the British Dental Health Foundation say about this by clicking the link below:

Beware illegal Tooth Whitening by Salons and Hairdressers can spread diseases as well as harm Mouths!

Of course Dr.Kilcoyne is a fully registered Dentist and Specialist who takes your care and safety very seriously and indeed - you cannot put a price on Health and well-being and unlike a bad haircut, teeth and gums don't grow back again!!!

Additionally your Smile may need a combination of a number of dental treatments planned together , to maximise the effect of the Tooth Whitening or Tooth Bleaching treatments you may desire, which Tooth Whitening alone could not address. For example, look at Dr.Kilcoyne's results when cleverly combining Tooth Whitening expertise with special bonding techniques using cosmetic fillings, to improve the Smile with minimal or no drilling, completed in only 2 DAYS!!

This case still required Whitening and matching cosmetic bonding to improve shape and colour of smile economically

Whitening is often done in combination with other Dental treatments, so it is important to get an OVERALL treatment plan so that the right things can be done to enhance to final result. A very common oversight is to have a front tooth Crowned/Filled and then the patient considers tooth whitening perhaps just a few months later. Unfortunately only natural tooth substance will lighten with Teeth Whitening - Dental Crowns, Veneers, Fillings, Denture teeth etc. all have chemical colouring embedded so DON'T whiten with the natural teeth - thus you could end up with whiter teeth and a Crown/filling that is darker as it hasn't changed. That's rather annoying if you've just paid £500 for a nice cosmetic front Crown that now stands out even more!


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Some cases like Tetracycline Staining, where antibiotics were incorporated into the teeth as the child grew-up, can be the most difficult to treat, but see below what is possible for Dr.Kilcoyne to achieve in just one day, using his Extra Deep Tooth Whitening and Bleaching techniques.

Difficult Tetracycline Staining Case Treated same-day!

We often find Adult who have had our FastBraces that can straighten teeth in months, not years like most traditional brace treatments, like to get their teeth whiter once straighter and this can be done after as little as 2 weeks after brace brackets removal too - thus you may well benefit from a combined treatment approach (eg: reshaping, whitening, fast braces, fewer veneers or crowns etc.) but only a qualified and registered dental professional can give you the best advice for YOU!

Reminder Warning - Dangers of Salons and Amateurs attempting Tooth Whitening in the UK !!!

Whilst this new law change will put-off some Salon type businesses making a quick profit by experimenting on a vulnerable Public and not providing the same standards of cleanliness, care or other dental problems they could make worse, we know there are some who will STILL try to act illegally and dangerously for profit, risking public health at an individual and community level, as they don't have to have Hepatitis B vaccinations or have 'between patients' HTM01-05 hospital level cleanliness or the many other high standards Dentists do in the background, because they are neither Qualified to the same standards of knowledge and care OR regulated and inspected regularly, so they can just disappear without trace as soon as problems arise, which may only show up with blood tests until you get Liver failure or possibly worse.

There has been at least one legal case of a non-Dental Professional making a patient's Asthma permanently worse by using Whitening Chemicals and they have been sued for a LARGE amount of money and there some other 79 legal cases waiting to Sue for irreversible damage ! Many Insurance Companies will NOT insure such dangerous or illegal activity and at least one company has now ceased tooth whitening services and trading in the UK - So don't risk your Teeth or your Health just to save a few pounds !!!

Worried about the Damage cheap Salon Chemicals can leave you with?
The General Dental Council (GDC) states ONLY Registered and properly Trained Dental Professionals are LEGAL, trained and safe to take account of your medical histories, use whitening systems safely and provide proper cross-infection and sterilisation controls to protect you from harm and diseases that could be passed on by Amateurs who may be looking to make a quick buck, risking your health !

Read what the GDC says about ToothWhitening by clicking here.

Please report ANYONE who is illegally practicing Dentistry in the UK by offering Toothwhitening to the public, by contacting the GDC

on 02071676000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they can investigate/prosecute !

Strangely some members of the public don't always report such Salons or Amateurs for either failed tooth whitening treatments or for possibly giving them diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis, perhaps because they feel very foolish or embarrassed having fallen for all the "cheap" promises?

rThe same could be said of Internet Products for ToothWhitening - you simply don't know what you might be getting, if it's Sterile, contains waste chemicals or just harmful Toilet Bleach or other poisons!


Why risk your health and well-being, it's certainly not a bargain if "harm" was the Free offer !

Internet products could have any chemicals in them, despite claims

Yes it is more expensive at proper Dental Clinics for a reason - not just our higher standards of training over many years, but also our higher standards of care, hygiene, following ALL the legislation, having all the REAL insurances, personnel health checks and individual vaccinations against Hepatitis, everything Sterilised etc - If dental clinics didn't have to do such high standards routinely I'm sure they could be cheaper too, but they would be the WRONG shortcuts and risk public health! We all want cheaper and better, but cheaper and worse isn't clever at all. Any fool can do that and sadly many are!

In the meantime, why risk your teeth, gums or general health - please be assured that we are properly qualified, have the Dental Expertise, Competency and long-track record to not only ensure your Safety, but provide Toothwhitening techniques that work the best for YOU too - Thankyou.

ToothWhitening done Safely and Professionally by Dr.Kilcoyne at the SmileSpecialist® Centre, Haworth, Bradford, Nr. Leeds.

Dr. Tony Kilcoyne is delighted to share his Specialist* knowledge of ALL Toothwhitening techniques, including the current Power Whitening, Tooth Bleaching and Teeth Whitening options, risks, benefits, lasers, lights and legal controversies in the UK and World-wide too! We discuss same-day Power Bleaching systems (such as Britesmile, Enlighten, Pola, Zoom 1, Zoom 2, Zoom Advance, Deep Bleaching, Laser etc), to tray gels of various concentrations that often take several weeks, to the much weaker products sold in UK shops that make such wonderful claims on the packaging, but often greatly disappoint !

Even the most difficult darkened teeth can be whitened the SAME DAY, using Dr.Kilcoyne's decades of Expertise, knowledge and experience in toothwhitening Health, Science and Technology.Dr.Kilcoyne's unique SmileSpecialist® Tooth Whitening materials and techniques can make ALL the difference for you. Just look at this same-day Tooth Whitening result below, achieved by Dr.Kilcoyne's unique techniques, developed with Decades of experience here and in the USA.

Please Note - all tooth whitening pictures featured here are Dr.Kilcoyne's genuine original pictures, unaltered and untouched!

Indeed, could one argue that one's overall appearance is so improved by good tooth bleaching and teeth whitening, that Cosmetic Facial Surgery, Facelifts, botox, collagen Implants or other Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery treatments have lower improvements and impact, cosmetically or psychologically? A more beautiful Smile literally lights up a face and improves self-confidence dramatically, so the effect is greater than just upon the teeth in many cases.

With Dr.Kilcoyne, you gain his extensive experience and expertise in the latest tooth whitening techniques and options, to benefit your Smile in the safest way!

It's NOT just which system used, it's the Experience and Expertise of the operator that can make ALL the difference! For a Second or Specialist opinion about your Smile, please fill out our Patient referral form on the Make Appointment link.

Here's some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we often get asked when giving public or professional lectures about Tooth Whitening:

FAQs -

Why does Tooth Whitening seems to be claimed everywhere?

Tooth Whitening refers to any form of tooth colour improvement, which has been seized upon by various manufacturers, including some toothpaste companies, to imply they actively whiten teeth significantly, when "stain reducing" rather than "tooth whitening" would be more accurate in terms of their action overall and their scientific evidence. We even have "Tooth Whitening" chewing-gum, what next, Tooth Whitening water ?

Any products you can buy "over the counter" usually are weaker than professionally applied and supervised products, for safety reasons, so their advertising and packaging can be very misleading and generally declare the over-promises in the headlines, with the disclaimers in hard-to-find small print!

Pearl Drops poor Whitening claims exagerated

However, once professional whitening procedures have been completed, then these over the counter "whitening" toothpastes and products can help maintain those "whiter" improvements for longer, simply by reducing the staining build-up. Clearly, there is a lot of marketing "hype" out there that needs to be put back into proportion.

Although products like those above sell in high quantities in the UK, their titles like "Simply White" or "Extra Whitening" are at best misleading and at worst a totally false claim, compared to the "Mainly stain reducing slightly, perhaps" reality of how they actually work for most people.

Only Dentist prescribed tooth bleaching actually WHITENS TOOTH SUBSTANCE significantly and is safe, effective, a high enough concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide in a neutralised form, applied carefully so it avoids gum tissues, old fillings and crowns to avoid damage and/or sensitivity or nerve problems.
Do NOT use normal hydrogen peroxide or allow unknown sources of chemicals claiming to be Tooth Whitening gels into your mouth just because they are cheap - they could EASILY cause permanent damage to teeth, gums or worse !!!

Indeed Professional tooth whitening by a qualified Dentist or Dental Hygienist/Therapist with additional training is safe, can often avoid injections or tooth removal and has great social and psychological benefits too, when done well and avoiding common dental problems and health damage that non-Dental Professionals can cause, giving toothwhitening a bad press and in some cases, causing irreversible damage to one's general health when done wrong, but being Amateurs, they can just go somewhere else and start-up under a different name, because they can't be struck-off and are not regulated or properly insured etc.

What about Veneers, Crowns or even Dentures to improve my Smile?

We usually advised trying tooth bleaching first, to avoid the need for drilling tooth away, or at least minimising that and any more complex cosmetic work. It seems that Tooth Bleaching can reduce not just the perceived need for Cosmetic Dentistry, but also reduce the need for some Cosmetic Facial Surgery, such as face-lifts, ageing creases, botox, collagen lip implants etc. Whiter Teeth make a BIG improvement to Smiles - Quickly.

Please note - If you have had problems with receiving tooth-whitening treatments from people or establishments NOT QUALIFIED AS DENTISTS to deliver this treatment to you safely, then we may still be able to help you overcome any severe sensitivity caused, damaged Crowns/Veneers or permanent gum damage or mouth ulcers etc, or even if you felt it was just a very disappointing result. or waste of money!

PLEASE do not confuse Professionally supervised Tooth Whitening by a Qualified Dentist who has examined your mouth first, with the dabbling or experimentation of hairdressers or ear-piercers who may do permanent damage with so called cheap materials " just like the dentist uses " - unlike hair, teeth do NOT grow back again if ruined, plus these uncertified/online bought chemicals can harm unborn babies and even permanently worsen your Asthma  !!!

There are some problems that only a thorough mouth Examination by a Dentist can detect and therefore avoid, not to mention the cross-infection control, university training and fine skills needed to do the job well and safely - it doesn't take 5 years to qualify as a Dentist at University for nothing !

Will Bleaching give you a whiter smile forever?

No, whitening isn't forever is the straight answer. But then neither does general Cosmetic Surgery, Breast Implants, Facelifts last forever either! Also, tooth bleaching techniques DO NOT lighten artificial Dental work ie:Fillings, Crowns etc, but used incorrectly bleaching materials can damage Dental work permanently! Only natural tooth substance lighten, which is important in treatment planning!. Thus you may need or want to change some restorations to match any lighter tooth shade achieved first by tooth bleaching, which will have further costs implications.

Although bleached teeth gradually darken again, it could be 2 or 3 years before you need a "partial" bleaching top-up, to maintain the lightness desired. A lot depends on how much you are willing to change your "lifestyle". Drink less "staining" liquids such as tea and coffee, use the cleaning techniques recommended by your Dentist or Hygienist, see your Dentist regularly to monitor your Dental health and get more frequent "scalings", then you will have whiter teeth for longer! However, lots of consumption of tea, coffee (look at what this does to white cups!), smoking, red wine etc, means that your lifestyle indicates you may need a full treatment within 2 years (rather than a "partial" top-up) to get a whiteness you are happy with. Interestingly though, once people have experienced lighter teeth, they often take better care of their smiles AND want the full treatment again, to see if they can go even lighter next time!

What is Power Bleaching and Power Whitening?

This usually refers to very high concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide gels (20%+ strength), which ironically are prone to causing too much de-hydration which can re-hydrate and reverse the whitening effect almost completely, unless special additional steps are taken, such as Dr.Kilcoyne's rehydration formula. If this isn't done, then the dehydration also seems to impede the whitening process deeper in the tooth, by forming a more impervious barrier to the osmotic effect of the tooth whitening gel. This used to include branded names such as Enlighten, Pola and Zoom, but the manufacturers can change concentrations and gel formulations with little notice, which many have since the legal changes in the UK on 1st November 2012, so these must be checked regularly.

Some people also benefit by using the other tray-based options described below. Some other "Power" Bleaching systems use very high concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide (30% or above) which may de-hydrate the teeth even more greatly, so in our opinion there is no advantage to do this and one of THE myths in tooth whitening is the higher the %, the better the whitening effect overall - this is simply WRONG!

Whilst dehydration does make teeth look whiter initially and doesn't harm the tooth generally, it is prone to quickly reversing some of the whitening when you drink water or "coloured" liquids etc. Thus, the optimum results are NOT achieved using the higher concentrations that cause higher de-hydration, unless other steps are taken to minimise this and reduce the "de-hydration" loss in whiteness, that actually occurs with ALL bleaching systems. This is why Dr.Kilcoyne's specific approach, developed over decades now, optimises the balance between being the quickest AND the most effective, short and medium-term, which is what we wish to achieve ultimately.

See below an example of a Power-Whitening system (Britesmile) which has a long track record of use in the USA, where Dr.Kilcoyne first came across this system before it was even available in the UK:

Power Whitening Light system from USA

Currently other "same-day" bleaching systems simply don't seem to have this quality or volume of scientific data to back-up their claims, which is why were one of the first Practices in the UK to offer the American "Britesmile" system as our first-choice light-enhanced tooth-Whitening system. 

Stop Press - Advanced Tooth Whitening now only £895 £794, inclusive of Dr.Kilcoyne's Consultation & Expertise.

Individual results cannot be guaranteed by anyone, because everyone varies, but with Dr.Kilcoyne's extensive Tooth Whitening Experience, expertise and knowledge of the latest whitening techniques, we can ensure that your teeth WILL be lighter and brighter - all that varies is by how MUCH will your teeth be brighter. This depends how well your teeth respond to our special "rehydration and whitening " procedures, but at least you will know the results the same day, without delay, using Dr.Kilcoyne's extensive experience and expertise.
Costs Only £895 now £695 to achieve similar results with us in 1 Hour ( If a new patient to us, remember to add on the Cosmetic Consultation fee, still only £794 total) For a Smile TWICE as bright, we have the Expertise, Experience and Technology to give you the very BEST advice and results !!!


Other Tooth Whitening Treatment options:

Other options to same-day tooth bleaching options can include using trays daily or nightly, over much longer periods. These may be cheaper initially, but require multiple visits, but can be sensitive when these are used for weeks of treatment, especially if you have receding gums or many fillings.

The pictures below show Dr.Kilcoyne teaching Dentists how to construct these and how to apply the gel correctly to get optimum results with trays.

Dr.Kilcoyne demonstrating Vacuum Forming techniques for Whitening Trays

Professionally assisted Tooth Whitening
This may be started at the Dentists, then is completed at home under the instructions and with the materials your Dentist provides to you. Typically this would take 2 weeks of wearing bleaching tray's nightly, using the prescribed bleaching gel. However, certain resistant discolouration may need many more days/weeks of tray bleaching before a satisfactory, lightened result occurs. Everyone is different and unique !!!

How much improvement can I expect?
Again, everyone is different, with different needs and causes of their tooth discolouration. With our same-day treatments, we have been getting an average of 8 or 9 shade improvement in Brightness, with the loss of 2 shades in the first 4 weeks, then losing 1 shade every 6 months. This has been backed up with clinical studies too, in the USA. For trays, we have found that most people get several brightness shades improvement ( 4 or 5) on a Dental shade guide, but then lose about 1 shade every 4 months. Everyone is different though, which is why a personal consultation is essential! Usually, the Darker the teeth, the greater the scope for improvement. However, there are some stains resistant to treatment (eg: Grey's), and these may need bleaching for much, much longer, or need same-day bleaching and trays combined, multiple Britesmile treatments or even other kinds of treatment that remove tooth substance, such as Veneers or Crowns. This is why an individual assessment is so important!

If I Have the same day 2 hour whitening from you, is the next 24 hours a problem for sensitivity or eating ?
Some sensitivity is normal, tends to be on and off and just short duration (seconds). If anything goes beyond short sensitivity, take your normal painkillers. It is rare that there then would be any need to contact the treating dentist, but if at all concerned, do contact them directly for advice.
Diet wise, you do need to be "good" for 24 hours! Basically, for just 24 hours avoid ANYTHING in your mouth that would stain a white shirt or blouse on contact !

So if you are a red wine drinker, swap to white wine, if you must have a coffee or tea, drink it through a straw and rinse with water afterwards! Before your visit, therefore, have your Curry, red wine, Coffee/tea and prepare some simple to eat yet relatively stain-free meals for the rest of that day. For example, you can eat chicken, white rice, fish (but not the dark skin), bananas, semolina etc. See the advice card that we issue below, as a good example:

SmileSpecialist Tooth Whitening Advice Card

Please remember that the advice is different with trays worn over a longer period of weeks or months. The problems such as chewing through trays or sensitivity may last longer or reduce improvements too! Power-Whitening is just a simpler, same day bleaching treatment with a 24 hour inconvenience, but with the optimum results possible too in the shortest time! Sometimes we will combine In-Surgery Whitening with Tray Treatments you can use at home, if you are willing and able to tolerate wearing Trays for several weeks too. We only do treatments with your fully informed consent.

How does" Professional " Tooth Whitening work?
Basically, your Dentist or Specialist has "Professionally" examined your teeth and mouth, has taken into account your medical history, medications and likely complications such as receding gums exposing root surfaces, leaking fillings and mouth ulcers which could leave you with lasting complications. You will then be given an overall plan for other needs so the whitening won't make existing or future crowns, Veneers and Fillings worse, you will then be prescribed the best bleaching concentration and application for your needs and wishes, as well as carefully monitoring during and after treatment - that is why this is superior and safer than any "over the counter" products unsupervised! Teeth may have darker enamel and dentine to start with, but do naturally darken over time as minerals and stain penetrate the tooth's enamel too. Whitening agents work by forcing oxygen through the enamel of the tooth. Stains can then quickly disappear, without damaging the tooth's structure. This has been confirmed by scientific studies from the USA, where bleaching techniques are nearly 20 years old!. Dr. Kilcoyne knows the very latest techniques and materials (some of these are a significantly higher concentration than those previously used in the UK) from the USA, where he studied in New York just before the tragic terrorist attacks there. He has since returned to the USA several times and has the latest information on bleaching materials and techniques, to benefit Patients and Dentists too!

Why is there some controversy here in the UK about the legal position on "Tooth Bleaching" products?

Unfortunately, it seems that because some recent European legislation was drawn up in 2002 about all hydrogen peroxide (a type of bleach) products being sold direct to the public, it was included in the EU "Cosmetic" directives (which limits use to extremely small concentrations). This was mainly to prevent the public buying cosmetics and eating them for self-harm or putting in their eyes accidently etc. However, legally, it has also meant that in the UK using more than 0.1%H2O2 in proper Dental whitening gels is also regarded as illegal, when used for purely Cosmetic purposes.

This continued for over a decade, putting Dentists in a VERY difficult position of having to face being labelled a 'criminal' when they only had their patients' best interests at heart! Fortunately the General Dental Council recognised this Ethical and Moral dilemma for Dental Professionals and whilst the GDC cannot change laws of the EU or influence Trading Standards unduly, they took a very sensible approach to protect the Public from unintended consequences, by issuing this guidance:


GDC Professional Guidance Early 2012

Amazingly Dentists must still continue to put themselves at some risk, so that patients are not left feeling miserable about their smiles, or even getting depressed about it, or be forced to pick up the dental drill and cut healthy tooth down for Veneers or Crowns without using the less-invasive tooth Bleaching option, due to the legal uncertainty and Trading Standards Officers being over-zealous in some areas of the UK. Clearly non of this is helping anyone, least of all our patients who wish to access 21st century techniques from the safest and most qualified source = Dental Professionals!

THE EU LAW has changed from 1st November 2012, which basically says ONLY after a dental examination should Tooth Whitening be prescribed, only supplies of further hydrogen peroxide gels between 0.1% and 6% strengths should be obtained from Dental Practices, because of safety and health risks to the public!

Again the GDC advice says on 1st November, it's position of always putting Patients' best Interests first and holding the Dental Professional accountable for any decisions they make in those best interests, is the BEST protection the Public can have - read the short statement on the GDC website now:


GDC updated Public Guidance Tooth Whitening 311012

So what do we do legally in the UK?

Ultimately we continue to act in Patients' best Interests, whatever the Treatments and Options, including those that may involve Tooth Whitening as a first or secondary effect, in full discussion and consent with the Patient or their legal guardian. Every case must be decided on it's own merits BECAUSE everyone is different and unique and deserves Autonomy and their Human Rights protecting, no discrimination directly or indirectly, including geographic origins and age, that best meet a patient's needs and wishes overall.

There is some debate currently whether these newly amended EU directives mean that any whitening treatments which are WHOLLY In-Surgery, are totally dose-independent of any patient input and are applied/supervised/removed by a Dentist, would be effectively banned in any circumstances, including in the patients' best interests.

We won't get into the detailed legal arguments here, because really that is the job of an experienced QC and the Courts ultimately, but it is fair to observe there may well be Beyond Reasonable Doubt that the INTENTION of this latest amended EU law, was to protect Consumers from the Dangers of SELF-DOSING products, whether that is gels that they apply in trays at home, or buying supplies on the Internet from God knows whom or the various over the counter products or other peoples supplies etc, etc.

However, it is only fair to point out VERY CLEARLY to all, Dr.Kilcoyne's website opinion about this legal interpretation is NOT currently mainstream in the UK; thus we even have some of the Bona-Fide Dental Suppliers no longer willing to supply ANY products with greater than 6% H2O2 gels available from the 31st October 2012 to Dentists, as a precautionary corporate move on their part. I respect that cautious 'low-risk' move, I even understand that 'risk-averse' move until greater clarity emerges later, I just happen to not agree with it in Principle, because ultimately NO BODY should interfere with the sacrosanct Professional-Patient relationship when deciding which treatments and options are the safest, best and/or preferred by the patient, when that Clinician is more than competent to provide such options safely and reliably, as already demonstrated over decades of doing this too!

So it's good that Tooth Whitening has been confirmed as Dentistry, it's good restrictions of use by competent Professionals has been lifted up to 6% H2O2 supplies for Consumers to consume, but regrettably it has omitted to state unambiguously that wholly In-Surgery treatments are exempted, so one must look at the additional cited documents in the new UK law, to realise this amendment was purely about 'consuming' take-away products by consumers, from a safety and labelling and external self-dosing point of view.

Ironically for many 'patient-independent' treatments, we use far more dangerous chemicals in the Treatment room only, but very safely and are then washed/vacuumed away, yet we would never dream of supplying these for patient self-dosing either, because that would THEN not be safe!

Alternatives to tooth bleaching:

Alternatives to using professionally supervised bleaching gels (usually much greater than 0.1% Hydrogen Peroxide limit) are either very ineffective, or unsafe (eg: Sodium Perborate) or involve the irreversible removal of tooth substance. Alternatives can involve whitening treatments topical materials that are either less effective (virtually everything bought over the counter in the UK that claims tooth whitening), or weaker Dentist applied gels (eg: Calcium Peroxide etc,) or much more caustic materials (eg: HCL + Pumice) and abrasive, wearing away some of the tooth surface. Other "abrasive" treatments may even "roughen" teeth, causing more staining ultimately! Restoratively, teeth can be treated with various Veneers or Crowns (we do over 25 types for different physical and Cosmetic needs). This though involves significant tooth removal for "un-restored" virgin teeth and is very "invasive" to body tissues compared to the well established tooth bleaching techniques we have today. However, some types of Crowns or Veneers may be a good choice if the teeth are already filled or root-filled or need repositioning or re-shaping as well as whitening.

See these pictures for an idea of how much teeth need to be drilled down for Veneers and Crowns, even when done very conservatively by a Specialist* like Dr.Kilcoyne, then multiply this drilling by maybe 10 top and 10 bottom teeth, when Tooth Whitening done properly by a registered Dental Professional could reduce or even eliminate the need for this, if the only problem was the teeth weren't light enough in colour! Now do you see how suddenly Tooth Whitening can prevent tooth-loss or teeth being drilled down in many cases, which whilst legal to do shouldn't feel they are being forced down this alternative by say Trading Standards officers being over-zealous perhaps?

Even minimal drilling still has to remove some good tooth for these Cosmetic Crowns!

Our SmileSpecialist® Tooth Bleaching Conclusions:

Professionally prescribed tooth whitening BY DENTISTS and supplied by DENTAL HYGIENISTS/THERAPISTS with additional training, is proven to be safe, effective, saves good tooth from being "drilled" away uneccessarily and when carefully applied, is a relatively safe and dependable way to lighten your teeth and improve your smile. It is a very popular form of treatment which literally the public are banging on Dental Teams doors and asking for!

There are some disadvantages (only lightens tooth substance) and serious side-effects if done without a Dentist examination first, such as interaction with your Medications, can damage your lungs and cause Asthma permanently, gum damage, recession, toothache and even tooth-loss and it may not work for everyone, but once properly examined and prescribed the right KIND of Whitening treatment, it is then a safe and biologically friendly procedure that can treat multiple teeth very conservatively indeed.

When done by a competent and GDC registered Dentist or Dental Care Professional, tooth whitening and tooth bleaching can still have minor side-effects (such as temporary sensitivity) and any other essential work, like leaking fillings or subtle gum disease, can be treated and fixed first, so that Tooth Whitening doesn't harm you overall. Tooth Whitening still leaves all other cosmetic dental treatment options open ( like Veneers, Ceramic Crowns etc.) and works well for many cases as part of a COMBINED dental treatment plan to improve your smile and dental health overall.

Although there is (remarkably) still some "legal" controversy in the UK about tooth bleaching, Dentists and DCPs are obliged to act in patients "best" interests first and ensure patients "Human Rights" and to make sure they are not Discriminated against for any of the protected aspects, which are also protected in European law. Thus, "denying" a safe and effective "tooth-bleaching" treatment after a dental examination, could breach a patient's "Human Rights", when it is widely known that the "lesser" European law and it's interpretation is in the process of being changed to "allow" UK Dental tooth-bleaching by Dental Professionals anyway, when it still clearly needs a further additional amendment to be crystal clear and act 100% in the Public Interest too.

Clearly tooth-bleaching saves good tooth from being drilled away for veneers or crowns when patients only need/want whiter teeth, as well as greatly improving self-confidence and psychological well being, which goes well beyond any superficial cosmetic effect. Dentists treat the "whole" person and do a thorough examination before deciding if tooth bleaching is clinically appropriate to be prescribed. That is why you MUST always see a registered Dental Professional after a Dentist has examined you and checked for the dangers/complications first, so these can be reduced or eliminated before undertaking certain kinds of Tooth Whitening alternatives!

Remember too that over the counter products are generally much weaker than Professionally applied products, again for safety/overdose reasons too, so don't be put-off from seeking proper tooth Whitening Treatments from proper Dental Professionals. when cheaper products have failed or caused you damage.

Please be very sceptical of the marketing "hype" and exaggerated claims that often follow these "shop" or "magazine" based products. They are simply too "weak" to actually "whiten" tooth substance well or worse, the public can do themselves GREAT HARM if they go to someone who isn't qualified and registered with the GDC in the UK. Even on the internet, you may come across dangerous claims stating "just like Dentists" , when it could be anything chemically or even be infected, as they are not Clinicians with Clinical cleanliness checks, or  a "housewife's cheap tooth-whitening secret...", which is actually lemon juice that will dissolve all your enamel away and eventually ruin your teeth permanently !!!

We all like a bargain, but your health and your teeth are not disposable like cheap jewellery, when really that advert was exaggerated hype from an unknown and often unaccountable source, who can just disappear without trace or comeback.

Dr. Kilcoyne has over 35 years of Experience and qualified Expertise to ensure that if suitable, we can make your teeth TWICE as bright, in only 2 hours or so !!!

Just look at the results Dr.Kilcoyne can achieve in less than 2 hours!

Same-Day Whitening result by Dr.Kilcoyne
The above shows shade change of D3 left picture) to B1 (right picture) in one hour at our Smile Specialist Centre - ask any Dentist, that's a great result !!!

For only £125 for our detailed Cosmetic Consultation expertise, you can have a Specialist Opinion about the best way to improve your Smile, with all modern options (including alternative non-bleaching treatments too) and costings given, so you can decide what is best for you, before proceeding with any treatment.

If you feel that you would like other Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery, Lip Collagen Implants, Botox, Liposuction, Eye, Chin or Nose Surgery etc, we can arrange this for you too. However, we would always suggest that you have tooth bleaching first, especially our same-day systems giving quick results. You may just find that the improvement and impact is so great, that you may not need other invasive or risky Cosmetic Surgery treatments!

Just imagine after a face lift and new hairdo, the still very negative psychological effect of having a black gap left by a missing front tooth when you smile ! Suddenly it doesn't matter how nice the makeup and hair is set, that missing tooth totally spoils one's appearance - that is the POWER of the Smile to improve or ruin one's appearance to others, no matter how much time and expense you have gone to in other things - neglecting your Smile is one of the worst things you can do - have you noticed this Negative effect in others too?

For more FREE Dentistry Information, You can use the above website menu or just click-a-link here for Specialist or Advanced aspects of Tooth VeneersTooth WhiteningDental Tooth Implants and smaller Mini-ImplantsDental Ceramic CrownsGum Diseases and Bad Breath or Root Canal treatments are just some of the subjects you can learn more about here on our award winning dental website

Tooth Whitening done well can be a good overall Smile improver for many teeth in as little as one easy visit - yes other things may need doing too such as dark/old fillings replaced with something lighter and better, but many smiles can be DRAMATICALLY improved relatively easily, without having a load of Veneers and Crowns to achieve this - why not find out your options ?
At the SmileSpecialist® Centre we treat patients and teach our techniques to Professionals from Leeds, Bradford, Yorkshire, north, west, south, east, Manchester, Central London, Preston, York, Stockport, Sheffield, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Halifax, Keighley, Haworth, London, M25, Skipton, Harrogate, Airedale, Calderdale, Wokingham, Kew, Kent, Derbyshire, Bristol, Berkshire, Cheshire, Birmingham, Newcastle, Hull, Lincoln, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern, Midlands, Eire, Greater Manchester, Chester, Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry, Stoke, Oldham, Bury, Blackburn, Cumbria, Liverpool, Teeside, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin, Belfast, Europe, USA , Australia and Japan too.

En Francais:
Pour la dent blanchissant ou blanchiment cosmétique des dents pour un normal, un beau sourire plus blanc, rien bat notre système de blanchissement de puissance douce américaine de Britesmile. Ayez un sourire plus blanc en seulement une heure - aucuns aiguilles, exercices ou bruit! aucuns plateaux incommodes. Veuillez téléphoner au R-U +44(0)1535 644005 pour le prix et promouvez l'information.

Auf Deutsch:
Für bleichenden oder Cosmetic Weiß werden Zahn den der Zähne für ein natürliches, schlägt weißeres schönes Lächeln, nichts unser amerikanische Britesmile leichte Energie bleichensystem. Haben Sie ein weißeres Lächeln in nur einer Stunde - keine Nadeln, Bohrgeräte oder Geräusche! keine ungünstigen Behälter. Telephonieren Sie bitte Großbritannien +44(0)1535 644005 für Preis und fördern Sie Informationen.

In Italiano:
Per il dente che candeggia o imbiancatura cosmetic dei denti per un naturale, il sorriso bello più bianco, niente batte il nostro sistema d'imbianchimento di alimentazione delicata americana di Britesmile. Abbia un sorriso più bianco in soltanto un'ora - nessun aghi, trivelli o rumore! nessun vassoi inopportuni. Telefoni prego il Regno Unito +44(0)1535 644005 per il prezzo ed avanzi le informazioni.

En Espanol:
Para el diente que blanquea o el blanquear cosmético de los dientes para un natural, una sonrisa hermosa más blanca, nada bate nuestro sistema que blanquea de la energía apacible americana de Britesmile. ¡Tenga una sonrisa más blanca en solamente una hora - ningunas agujas, taladros o ruido! ningunas bandejas incómodas. Llame por teléfono por favor Reino Unido +44(0)1535 644005 para el precio y fomente la información.


*Dr.Kilcoyne is a UK registered Specialist in Prosthodontics (GDC No.58373) which includes The Functional and Cosmetic Dentistry aspects of Crowns, Dental Implants, Bridges, Veneers, Fillings, Dentures, Bonding etc. Please go to our MAKE an APPOINTMENT page if you'd like to access his Expertise.

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