Mercury free fillings - non metal, all white advanced fillings from 2022.

Mercury free fillings are a very popular alternative tooth restoration to the old metal Amalgam fillings (Silver and Mercury) that have been used commonly for over a hundred years. Alternative fillings include white composite fillings, ceramic fillings, Cerana inserts, lab made inlays and onlays, gold fillings or Cosmetic Ceramic Crowns for teeth that have had fractured cusps too.
However it is critical that they have excellent 'dentine-bonding' applied to prevent sensitivity and seal out future decay, so technique and quality are critical.

Tooth-Coloured Restorations (mercury-free) Silver (Mercury) and gold fillings used to be your only choices for fillings, especially for back teeth.Today, silver fillings can be replaced with tooth-coloured fillings for a much more natural look. One of the new strong synthetic resins, or porcelain, is used as the filling material. This isn't just about Cosmetics, because these Tooth-Coloured fillings can be glued and sealed and bonded to the teeth, so they are very strong and durable and resistant to leakage, need less tooth drilling away though wear wise, still not as long lasting as Metals!

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More recently, Ceramic restorations have been developed too. Silver (Mercury) fillings can really darken a smile. Replacing them with tooth-coloured fillings will make a dramatic difference Cosmetically! The new resin/ceramic fillings are nearly invisible; they restore teeth more closely to their original, natural beauty, and help you look your best. BUT previous Amalgam fillings are cheaper and being metal, can last a long time too, however, more tooth will have been drilled away as Amalgam tends to depend upon undercuts (dovetail) to physically hold it in once it's set.

There is some debate about whether the Mercury containing Amalgam fillings are actually harmful to health. It is true that mercury is a poison when it remains as an element and is breathed in, but it does react and sets hard with other elements forming complex compounds, so it's not in its free state. However recent studies have shown a minuscule amount of mercury vapour can be detected by the most sensitive probes in the World, but this is still less than the amounts found naturally in the Environment around us, via pollution and in the food chain (eg: Fish), so the risks are all relative and ironically because it's been around a hundred years, if it was as really bad as some websites make out, the effects would have been obvious - ironically many studies have shown NO health effects above those who have no fillings in their mouths at all, but they still have environmental exposure of course.

Having said all that, if you are having a replacement filling anyway, or a brand new cavity needs restoring, there are alternatives to the Grey/Silver Amalgams that contain Mercury and at our mile Specialist Centre in Haworth we are finding when given choices, more and more people are choosing the Mercury-free filling options, as people move more towards restoring teeth so they look more natural when they smile and laugh.


The Importance of good Aftercare and Maintenance!

As well as regular check-ups to your Dentist to prevent problems (or at least catch them very early on), please follow your aftercare advice and don't neglect your Toothbrushing and Flossing Techniques that reduce Dental Plaque attack on your teeth, gums and dentistry work.
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As with all restorations, good hygiene/diet and regular checks are essential.

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