Dental tooth Implant Alternative choices in 2022

Here are the dental tooth Implant alternatives you can choose if Implants are not for you:

There's many Dental Tooth Implant alternatives to the different types of Tooth Implants that are often used to replace missing teeth, but as Implants do involve some surgery and possibly more complex bone grafting too, understansably not everyone wants this 'fixed in' tooth replacement option.
If you decide against tooth implants, due to the surgery, costs or extended healing timescales etc, then there are other Implant alternatives you could consider to restore a gap or missing teeth, including:

1. Partial dentures (various types)
2. Precision attachment Dentures
3. Fixed-in Bridges (including new designs)
4. Full Dentures or Over-Dentures
5. Combining some Implants with some other options
6. Delaying treatment or just accepting the gap

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Part Dentures can replace teeth

There are many different kinds of the above (precision dentures, for example) which may be a better solution than a standard treatment. One really needs an up-to-date or Specialist opinion to ensure all options and costs are explored for you as an individual.
If you have some remaining teeth, a partial denture may be an appropriate alternative. A partial denture is held in place by clips or other special attachments. It can do a nice job of replacing missing teeth, in favourable circumstances, but these are still not fixed in but are removable.

Bridges can be fixed-in
A bridge might also be a good alternative if there are strong teeth remaining next to the tooth that needs replacement and you want a fixed-in tooth replacement that isn't removable or as big in your mouth as a Denture. There are several types of bridges, but they all use the neighbouring teeth as anchors.

If you now wear a denture anyway, replacing or relining it may allow you to continue to use it to fill a missing tooth gap.
Delaying a decision is always an alternative, although it's often not the best one. Bone can shrink and gum disease can get worse, turning an OK case into a more complicated (and costly) one. But you may decide to wait while you consider your options if things are not rapidly worsening and reducing or complicating your options. See an example below where we restored a gap with a Bridge to replace the thin metal-based denture:

Small Cantilevered Bridge or Denture for a Gap

The patient above managed OK with the Denture because it was the thinner metal-based Cobalt-Chromium rather than a full palate covering Plastic Denture, but as you can see, the Bridge is much smaller, easier to clean and doesn't cover the palate at all, which patients find Bridges have a more natural feel.

Dr.Kilcoyne can examine you and give you his Specialist Opinion as to which Alternatives to Tooth Implants you could choose, depending on your wishes, needs and budget. Additionally if you have suffered any Dental disasters or complications and your mouth now needs completely rebuilding because of past poor Dentistry abroad, for example, we have helped many recover from this and could help to restore you back to reasonable function and looks too, but this usually costs much more in time and money to address than doing it to a high standard in the first place! Past problems of poor quality work have included drilling far too much good tooth away, endangering the nerve of the tooth and causing abscesses, not enough tooth left for future replacements, poor fit at margins causing decay + gum diseases later and the bite being out causing jaw joint problems - unfortunately many of these consequences do NOT show up straight away, but sometimes take months/few years, so patients may not become aware until it's serious/painful, which are not early signs!


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