Immediate Dentures planned quickly in 2024

Planning pre-made Dentures that can replace your Immediately removed teeth

Immediate temporary Dentures (available here in Haworth, Keighley, nearby to Leeds, Bradford, Halifax West Yorkshire) can replace extracted teeth immediately with finished Dentures, provided conveniently so you are not without any teeth during the gum-healing period. This may be for just one or two teeth or for all your teeth out and the dentures straight in after several preparatory visits first! Again, do bear in mind there will have needed to be visits for impressions and preparatory work first, so that the teeth are measured, ready and made before the day your tooth/teeth are extracted, then you can go away with your new teeth, but is it really as simple or easy as that?
Read below some common Questions and Answers about Immediate Dentures and the obvious advantages and less obvious disadvantages choosing this particular approach to having Dentures. 

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What are immediate dentures?
Put simply, they are temporary Dentures planned and made before extractions, so they can be fitted 'immediately' after any extractions but before the healing gum shrinkage has occurred, for social and basic eating convenience usually.

When might this be necessary?
When many of your teeth are loose or painful, they may be beyond saving. This condition is usually caused by advanced periodontal disease. Periodontal disease causes bone to be lost; if it's not caught in time, there's so little support for the teeth that they have to be removed.
Removing your teeth and replacing them with a denture may be the best way to eliminate any infection and restore the health of your mouth. When the extractions procedure and denture fitting are completed in one day, it's called an immediate denture. See below a case where the mouth is so bad one may have to lose all one's teeth and have dentures:

Tooth and Gum Disease has been left untreated for too long

What is typically involved?

To begin this process, your dentist first takes impressions of your mouth. From these impressions, precise working models of your mouth are made. It's from these models that the dentures are made. We'll work with you to select the best colour and shape for your new teeth. When your denture is ready, we'll extract your remaining teeth. You'll be thoroughly numbed before any teeth are removed, and should feel no pain. Naturally, things will feel very different. As soon as your teeth are out, your denture will immediately be placed in your mouth. For the first 24 hours, your new denture will feel tight because your gums are swollen. As your bone heals over the next weeks/month, your gums will shrink and your denture will feel loose. When this happens, we'll use a temporary lining material to tighten the fit. After this period of healing, when the
shape of your mouth has stabilised, we'll send your denture back to the lab and have it relined to improve it's fit.


Some temporary problems are a normal part of adjusting to your new denture. At first your denture may tip when you chew. You may notice
increased salivation. The denture may seem bulky, and you might gag a little. Your tongue will feel crowded and you might have difficulty speaking normally. Like learning any new skill, at first it will feel awkward to eat with your new denture. But with time and practice, you'll improve, the only question is by how much. You may need another Denture sooner than predicted, if problems persist. Everyone is different.

How can you possibly make my denture teeth look natural and nice, not just like false Piano keys?

Dr.Kilcoyne hasn't just got decades of Expertise and Experience in achieving Smiles that look natural and suit each individual person's faces and personalities etc, he is a recognised and registered Specialist in Prosthodontics which includes rebuilding smiles and replacing missing teeth, using the latest technologies and methods too. He works closely with his Technicians who follow his very precise prescription and advanced methods, so that we get the Optimum balance between Function, Fit and Cosmetics and yes, Immediate Dentures are probably the most challenging of all Denture cases to achieve even close to this ideal, so the more difficult a case is, the more our Expertise is Vital to make the best of a challenging clinical case.


So when you get your Dentures made, please remember they are bespoke and hand-made and are as unique as you are - Dr.Kilcoyne has never made any two dentures identical in over 25 years of solving patients Dental problems and meeting their cosmetic and functional needs and wishes. Why not consider accessing Dr.Kilcoyne's Specialist expertise when you need Dentures that you can Eat, Talk, Smile, Laugh and just be yourself freely, without worry?

Full Complete Dentures just rest on Gums

Nobody likes to lose their teeth, but when they're infected, removing them and getting an immediate temporary denture, but this can improve
your health, smile and confidence, when your adaption is successful after having many failing teeth. Remember also a new Denture is often required about 1 year after the original extractions, due to the Gums shrinking forever, but most of that shrinkage and changed shape happening in the first 12 months overall - so plan for this financially too!


Please also consider Expertise, Reputation, Gentleness, Quality of Service and total Value and trust overall !

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As always, Prevention is cheaper and better than Cure - that includes Preventing making bad choices based on costs alone !

Wishing you good Dental Health AND a Smile to be proud of, from all at the SmileSpecialist® Team.


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*Dr.Kilcoyne is a UK registered Specialist in Prosthodontics (GDC No.58373) which includes The Functional and Cosmetic Dentistry aspects of Crowns, Dental Implants, Bridges, Veneers, Fillings, Dentures, Bonding etc. 
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