Dental CPD Courses for the whole Dental Team.

Welcome to Dr.Kilcoyne's High-Quality CPD Dental Courses page, with Courses detailed for Dentists, Dental Nurses, Hygienists, Therapists and Technicians, who are looking for Dentistry Courses to improve their dental knowledge and skills, including Dental Competency Courses for GDC permitted Additional Duties too.

Whether you want standard CPD courses, more formal "Certification of Competency" Courses or structured and supportive Multi-day Courses right up to 1 year (1 day per month average) Advanced Restorative and Practice Management Courses, we have a selection for you that can satisfy the need for Knowledge, Skills, so you can benefit your Patients and Yourselves by rising to your next level of ability.

Tooth Whitening In-Surgery

FEES = £499 (discounted to £399 if booked before 30th April 2012) for Attendees, including ALL materials, teaching, testing, notes and Competency certification.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further course details and/or to register!



NEXT Impressions and Model Casting COMPETENCY COURSE Part 2 DATE = Friday 29th November 2012 , Bradford, West Yorkshire!

If you do the above Impressions competency Course AND the ToothWhitening competency course on the 29-30th June 2012, you can then also benefit from an ADDITIONAL 20% discount too!

NEXT TOOTH WHITENING COMPETENCY COURSE Part 2 DATE = Thursday 30th June 2012 , Bradford, West Yorkshire!

(Note - these dates are about 4 weeks before the London Olympics 2012)



Come to Bradford, near Leeds, Yorkshire (just off the M62) for your Competency Courses Part 2 (having completed part 1 Competency online at ) where you will be educationally trained, assessed and certified as competent by Dr.Kilcoyne Specialist in Prosthodontics, himself.

Interested in other Courses - read below for a selection of Courses we have run in the past - look out for further 2012 dates or send your details requesting further details to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Examples of previous Courses below that we've offered throughout 2011 and 2012:

SmileSpecialist Dental Courses for Dental Teams

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Summary of Dental Courses available

1. Certificate of Competency for Teeth Whitening and Tooth Bleaching Techniques, for Hygienists, Nurses and Dentists too! Be Whiter than White, by learning the right things in the right way, when it comes to the various stages involved for delivering Tooth Whitening services competently.

Tooth Whitening Competency Course by Dr.Kilcoyne

Do you know what it Really takes to be deemed "Competent", or do you want to find out the hard way in front of the GDC or a Court of Law ?

This course is suitable for the WHOLE Practice TEAM, from informed Consent, Impressions, Models, Tray Design and Fabrication, different Whitening treatments, Patient Instructions, dealing with complications and the Scientific Evidence behind such tooth whitening therapies, with proper Educational Assessments to achieve Competency recognised by third-parties.

Don't just go on any CPD Course, go one one that teaches, supervises, assists and Assesses you individually, to be TRUELY Competent !

Note - in order to complete the Hands-On Competency Course and Assessments in one day,

Delegates MUST HAVE COMPLETED our Online Competency Theory module (cost £99) first - see Members Area for further details.

Hands-On Training/Assessment Venues coming up are:
Booking Now:

NEXT TOOTH WHITENING COMPETENCY COURSE Part 2 DATE = Friday 30th June 2012 Bradford, off M62, West Yorkshire!

FEES = £499 (discounted to £399 if booked before 30th Sept.2011.) for Attendees, including ALL materials, notes and Competency certification.



Imagine that there is a much simpler Implant solution to many of your Patients missing teeth problems. That this system does not require years of Implant Surgery Training, or even LARGE Surgical "flaps". Not only can the Surgery part be minimised, but critically there's No Screws to break or connections to come lose after the Crowns or Bridges have been cemented to the abutment !!!

These are often CHEAPER than standard complex systems, easier to learn, more forgiving AND provide Same-Day teeth solutions too!!!

WHY IMAGINE ? - No-Flap Implants will bring simpler Implant solutions within reach of most competent GDP's - Successful Courses have followed our popular presentation at the BDA Conference in Belfast.

From Mini-Implants to simple bone expansion techniques to post-extraction insertion options, learn all the new, modern choices that you can offer your patients and eventually deliver yourself with appropriate further Training and skills.

This course is relevant even if you DON'T want to place implants just yet, but still wish to inform patients well.

Smaller Implants placed using Keyhole Surgery Techniques

The next available "Intensive" Introductory Implant Course will be in November 2012 - contact us for details !
Venue : Bradford Royal Infirmary, Duckworth Lane, Bradford. West Yorkshire.
Places will be limited at a cost of £495 per person, ensuring detailed guidance during the day for several new "No-Flap" Implant systems, as well as Hands-On exercises on models. You will receive everything you need to Examine, Assess and Refer as appropriately + overview of recent changes in Implantology knowledge and techniques!



Let us Train and Explain the various Practice Management Issues and provide all that you need to implement your own Clinical Governance system. This course suits all those who find themselves in this challenging role! This includes Receptionists, Nurses, unqualified Practice Managers (the majority) and even the formally qualified too!

We can prepare your Staff to achieve greater results for you !!! Our Course will also be flexible to include particular needs and issues of those attending, as well as covering NHS new contract issues, PCT visits, Conversions, problem solving etc.

Next Start Date: June 2012 - Includes latest Health & Safety CHANGES, CQC, FoI, HTM Dental Regulations and Time Management too!
Costs - at £350 per person per day.
Venue : Bradford (off M62), West Yorkshire. .
Fees include many detailed notes and templates, coffees, lunch etc.

As patients expectations get even higher - we show you how to handle these constructively.

Patients will ask your staff about options too - we give you some time saving marketing tips!

Practice managers and our receptionists have multi-tasks to handle - we show them how.

Organisational and Time Management systems can pay dividends

Too busy to comply with H+S, Clinical Governance, Audits etc? We help you do this better!

4. A Realistic "COSMETIC DENTISTRY" Day for GDP's and Therapists.

There is now hardly ANY Dentistry that doesn't have a significant Cosmetic aspect to it for the Patient!
This Course covers everything from how to Cosmetically improve individual teeth and even whole Smiles, relatively easily and quickly. This course has a HANDS-ON element so you can practice some of the taught techniques!
Learn the secrets that the "Experts" use everyday, from handling patients' unrealistic expectations through to minor Bonding & Smile profiling, combining Whitening with Composite Restorations AND avoiding classic mistakes often made in Cosmetic Dentistry etc, etc.
Date: Next Course date May 2012 - contact us for details.

Costs at £399 per Dentist, Staff and VDP's £120, fully inclusive of notes, materials, lunch, coffees etc.

Venue : PGC, Bradford Royal Infirmary, Bradford, West Yorkshire

The pictures below give you just a small "taste" of what's covered, tricks of visual perception etc.

Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry with low or nil Tooth Loss

Remember Cosmetic Dentistry isn't just about drilling down healthy teeth to within a whisker of the blushing pulp and placing "Toilet White" Veneers everywhere aka Hollywood Smile Makeovers, but about helping to make patients' smiles nicer and natural at a low biological cost. If all you can do is heavily prepped Veneers, then that is all you will do in most cases - we aim to show you alternative solutions so you can offer a more 'balanced" choice for patients.


Many Professionals mistake the term "Marketing" as identical to "Selling" and feel very uncomfortable with this concept.
However, "Ethical Marketing" simply finds out what your patients want, informs them of the choices and costs, then let's them decide what (if anything) they want, when they want it and which choices might suit them best. Ethical Marketing is all about "informing" patients.
However we are ALL time poor and need efficient MARKETING systems and TECHNIQUES that are Quick and Effective!

The next Full day course will be held in Course dates start in April 2012 - Contact us for details
This course is specially designed for all Dentists and their most valuable Teams who wish to increase Private work !!!
Venue - Bradford (off M62), West Yorkshire.
Course Fees: Dentists £399 each, Practice Staff and VDP's only £120 each, for the FULL DAY, including coffee, lunch, notes etc.

The pictures below give you a "hint" of what's covered so you can start marketing very the next day!

Marketing Smiles, Benefits and Solutions in Time-Efficient ways

Learn the power of FIRST Impressions and how you can develop these very positively.

Patients will ask your staff about costs and options too - we give you some time saving team tips!

Practice managers and our receptionists can market quickly - we show them how.

Plus some useful tools that inform patients about your options, leading to informed consent with choices!

Please contact us on 01535-644005 for further details of our courses or email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Interested in getting Unlimited verifiable CPD 24/7 conveniently online for just one annual fee for your whole Team?

Only has been reliably offering such a service 100% online whilst fully satisfying the GDC requirements for verifiable CPD for more than the 5 years CPD cycle that Dental Professionals have to complete, to stay on the Dental Register!

Are you a dental Professional and want to know more about CPD and too?

Whether you want excellent lecture, small group, hands-on or Online verifiable dental CPD courses, we can help your Professional Development and comply with Clinical Governance, GDC, CQC, PCT, HB, HSE and other National requirements to keep up to date, safe and competent to benefit your patients' needs.

So who are we to promote High Clinical and Management Skills?

No.1 in UK for Patient Services, gaining the QDA Award.

The Smile Specilaist Centre has been judged to provide the best patient services in the UK, 1996/97. This thorough assessment was undertaken by the British Dental Journal, Colgate and Denplan external quality assessors. We have since been innundated with requests from Dentists and their Teams to share our experiences and methods, which are continually evolving and improving.

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